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Aces & 8s Code of Conduct

Article I
Squad Members will at all times, conduct themselves in a manner that not only credits theirself, but does credit to the squad as well. This includes, but is not limited to; abusive language or jestures on the Country channel or channel 200, violating the rules of the Aces High bulletin boards, and cheating by way of manipulating or hacking the Aces High II game code. Using a second personal account or another players account to improve your score will result in immediate ejection from the Squadron. Taking advantage of a game "glitch" is not cheating.

Article II
No member of the Squad may leave a combat formation or abandon an assigned duty without proper authority being given. If in a formation, you must ask the formation leader for permission to leave. The formation leader will decide who may leave to engage bandits or deviate from the mission.

Article III
A Squad Member that is absent for a complete tour will be removed from the Squad and placed into a reserve status. A returning Squad Member must request in writing to be returned to an active status within the Squad. If a slot on the Squad's active roster is not open, returning Squad Members will be given 1st priority for an active position when it becomes available.

Article IV
Each squad member is assigned a wingman. It is the duty of each member to practice a minimum of 1 hour a week with his wingman. This can be either in the training arena or in a main arena. The focus however is training and if performed in the main arena you may not engage any enemy during this time. You should use an airfield at a remote location, away from any active battles. Try to spend some time with your wingman in ground vehicles also.

Article V
Members are required to keep a current e-mail account and join the squad forum. All members are encouraged to participate in the forum, e-mail and group discussions.

Article VI
Members are highly encouraged to submit a personnel profile with a photograph of themselves. This information will be posted on a personal profile page for each member. The profile pages for pilots are accessible from the Website's main page.

Article VII
Members are required to use a squad approved voice communication program while flying and working with other squad members. The current approved program is Aces High Voice, which is built into Aces High. Proper radio etiquette is essential for squad cohesion during combat. See the TAC RADIO section of the Training pages for proper use of voice communications.

Article VIII
New Squad Members will have 30 days to change their game name to the Aces & 8s Uniform Name. Until that time, they may only hold the rank of 1st Lt and will not earn awards or decorations. After 60 days, if the Member's name hasn't been changed, they will be considered for removal from the Squad.


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