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About The Aces & 8s :

Aces & 8s History :

The Aces & 8s registered with High Tech in February 2007. The founding Members were also members of 2 previous squad endevours. The "Black Falcons" and the "Vipers". The Black Falcons Squad was established in August of 2006 and lasted roughly 2 months before it disbanded due to command breakdown. The squad was reformed a month later as the Vipers, but only held together for a month. Once again, the CO had dropped the ball and allowed the squad to fall in disarray. The remaining members decided it was time to form a squad on the belief that no one person would ever hold sole control of the squad. After spending the remainder of 2006 flying as a rag-tag team, the Aces & 8s was officially formed. Our Squad and noseart was registered with High Tech, while our ideas and beliefs were registered within our minds. Within 2 months, the Aces & 8s had recorded a total of 3 consecutive map resets for the Rooks. A feat that has yet to be equaled by any other squad. Our final history has yet to be written.


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